Cheryl Dolan, MA, is a recognized Communication Expert who passionately believes that each individual innately possesses a unique message and a powerful, resourceful state of being – a state of confidence, ease, and trust in your mind and your body. She has developed unique methods that utilize years of clinical experience, cutting edge research in neuroscience and other disciplines, high level coach training, and practical application to teach you, with fun, multisensory experiences how to choose to access this state of powerful, authentic presence at will and to transform your relationship with your body, your voice and your audience resulting in poise, confidence and peak performance. Her work is grounded in the principles of neuroscience and adult learning theory. Her focus is to cultivate clients’ inherent strengths to develop powerful communication skills.

Cheryl has worked with over one thousand clients as a Speech/Language Pathologist and Executive Coach. When she founded Cheryl Dolan and Associates, her coaching and consulting practice in 1999, she discovered with excitement that her previous work was directly applicable to executives, professionals and entrepreneurs who needed help fully expressing their best selves, professionally and personally. It was in her work with autistic children that Cheryl honed her skills at unleashing the “presence” of those, often with brilliant minds, whose bodies don’t necessarily do what they want them to. Her Platinum Presence® Program is regularly offered at MIT Sloan School of Management, Harvard University and a variety of other organizations. She is a sought-after speaker, workshop presenter and Executive Coach to national organizations including: MIT Sloan School, Harvard University, Biogen Idec, IDC, McGraw-Hill Construction, Keystone Associates, Citizens Bank. Cheryl is a certified PaperRoom™System and The Leadership Circle Profile facilitator. She donates her services and programs to The United Teen Equality Center in Lowell, MA, and at various other non-profit organizations.

You can read Cheryl’s blogs at HarvardBusinessReview.org and UpMarket Magazine. She is currently working on her book: Poised. The Inner Art of Powerful Presence, a practical, multisensory, experiential guide to preparing yourself for peak communication performance.

Cheryl holds a BS in Communication from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and an MA in Speech/Language Pathology from The George Washington University. She is certified by The American Speech, Language and Hearing Association and The Executive Coach Institute.