I work with executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs who have a lot riding on their communication skills and how they “show up” at work. I am passionate about helping people tell their stories!


Lightning Round Coaching Session: One 75-minute Call

If you have questions about your communication impact in general or you have a list of specific questions regarding an impending event, meeting or interview – a lightening round is for you. We will work through as many questions as we can in 75 minutes, and leave you with a clear sense of next steps.


Master Your Message®: Personal Presence Workshop for Individuals

Have a specific event coming up? Or perhaps you are feeling the need to get out there, be seen and have a greater impact?

93% of what people remember about what you say, is how you say it; 7%, the words you use. Even with the most carefully chosen words, the impact of your message is directly related to your presence – how you “show up” as you deliver your message – in the boardroom, in an interview, on a stage, or in any situation.

Through a unique combination of coaching, communication assessment, instant feedback and practice, you Master Your Message™:

  • Your verbal and non-verbal image matches what you say and how you say it.
  • Comprehensive analysis of your Presence Points: physical, verbal content, nonverbal movement, including voice, posture, and speech.
  • Immediately watch on videotape the image you’re projecting.
  • Work on accent and voice so the message you give creates a unified identity.
  • Take away customized signature tools for continued practice on your own.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop your most powerful presence.
  • Create your most compelling message, one appropriate to your context and audience.
  • Quickly and simply align your message with your innate, unique signature.
  • Produce your richest, most resonant, most powerful voice.
  • Have powerful impact in a variety of settings, from the homeroom to the boardroom, with your spouse or your boss, during a sales pitch or a job or a college interview.

This program consists of an initial 2-3 hour in person or Skype consultation with follow-up designed as required by the goals of the client.


Individual Intensive Coaching: 3 – 6 month Coaching Program

If you are working on more comprehensive, sustainable change and want more intensive support, the intensive coaching package may work best for you. The process begins with an initial assessment/intake, and/or a personal 360: The PaperRoom System™. Together we design a customized approach with specific, measurable goals to achieve targeted results. Typically coaching takes place 3 hours per month, on the phone, Skype or in person, however each process can be tailored to meet your specific needs.


Custom Programs and Pricing

I have programs and pricing structures to suit the needs of individuals or corporations. Please contact me for further information.


My Guarantee

After working with me you will feel more confident, or I will gladly refund your fee for the Personal Presence Workshop or a Lightning Coaching Session. For longer coaching engagements, the first month is also money-back guaranteed. I look forward to working with you. Please contact me to schedule a session.