Platinum Presence® Program Workshops

Have a group that needs stronger communication skills? From Ivy League students to corporate leadership to small businesses, Cheryl’s group workshops get rave reviews and make it easy to implement ongoing improvements.

93% of what people remember about what you say is how you say it. 7%, the words you use. Even with the most carefully chosen words, the impact of your message is directly related to your presence – how you “show up” as you deliver your message – in the boardroom, in an interview, on a stage, or in any situation.

Each individual innately possesses a unique message and a powerful, resourceful state of being – a state of confidence, ease, and trust in your mind and your body. You can choose to access this state at will and to transform your relationship with your body, voice and audience.

In this program you repeatedly practice flexibility, deeply connecting to your identity and values, and being present in the moment. This allows you to be highly effective, relaxed, and confident. You will experience being a speaker and a listener in a whole new way.

Platinum Presence® is a unique, highly interactive, energetic, experiential and practical program, conducted in a comfortable small group setting. It draws upon cutting edge clinical research and practical experience in the fields of neuroscience, sensory integration, systems theory, coaching, speech and language, voice and leadership.

It consists of:

  • 2 full day sessions of rapid, repeated practice, which includes in-the-moment presentation, coaching, active audience participation, and the teaching of practical principles and concepts.
  • 1 laser in-person individual coaching session; 1 hour follow-up phone coaching
  • Ongoing feedback on presence – physical, verbal content and non-verbal movement including voice, posture and speech
  • Individual videotaping to see the image you’re projecting
  • Platinum Presence® workbook, materials and individual learning worksheet.

You will experience:

  • Being intentional about what you say and how you say it
  • Your ability to refocus energy and beliefs to strengthen your presence
  • Choosing a response rather than reaction or a habit
  • Being seen and valued for your unique qualities and presence
  • Recovering your most resourceful state when “thrown off”
  • Being a masterful listener and observer
  • Ease and confidence when expressing yourself in varied situations


  • Powerful authentic presence
  • Increased impact and results
  • Highly effective team dynamics and interaction
  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Greater ease, self-confidence, and joy in communicating
  • Improved high value professional and personal relationships

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